Rafael and Mirian

“We liked how the FranCoach process was very structured. We were able to move through the process with a very knowledgeable coach and at our own pace. We learned a lot about franchise businesses and about us as individuals. The entire FranCoach process was very engaging, interesting, and friendly to follow.”

New Jersey

“We connected at a point where I was burned out of the corporate life and was completely unsure what I wanted to do with my life, literally I was all over the place. I told FranCoach I didn't want to waste their time because I was really at a crossroads in my life. Thankfully they had a conversation with me. Just by learning what I loved about my previous position in the corporate life and what I hated, they managed to figure out what I was missing. After a few days he came back with a two franchise options, options that honestly, I never would of picked for myself, but fit me perfectly. Clearly, he knew me better than I knew myself. I vetted both options, but I knew pretty quickly what franchise I wanted to start, everything became pretty clear as I moved through the process.”

Casper, WY

“FranCoach did not push garbage like other franchise consulting companies. It seemed not to be about the best paying franchise to them, but what was best for me. The FranCoach process worked so well I will be ready to do it again in a few months.”


“The FranCoach process was very thorough and answered the different questions we had. They helped us reaffirm that franchising could be an ideal alternative. We started out being very skeptical about the idea itself, but as conversations took place, we felt better about the possibility of becoming a franchisee and working for ourselves.”


“I enjoyed working with Tim, he did a great job of providing me info and support. FranCoach did their homework and brought me ideas that would work for me.”


“As I was planning my exit from yet another fortune 500, corporate job, a recruiter found my resume on a job board. When I first spoke with this recruiter, I actually laughed aloud at the thought of my owning a franchise. All my life I’ve wanted to own a small business, but I never thought of owning a franchise. More so, I thought franchises were predominantly restaurants which required millions of dollars to purchase. I quickly discovered otherwise. My first call with FranCoach was interesting. I felt they were attempting to sell me something, but I didn’t know exactly what it was or how they would benefit. As I continued conversations, FranCoach's vision and my vision both became clear. I was mesmerized by the thought, time and consideration they invested in finding a franchise fit. I was overly impressed with their capability to listen and understand what I wanted and needed as well as my strengths and weaknesses. I was absolutely blown away at the proposition FranCoach first made as they introduced me to three franchise options. All three were as close to a customized solution anyone could possibly provide. Throughout the research and negotiation process, FranCoach’s insight and brutal honesty was greatly appreciated. It was very easy to determine they were out to help all parties. All in all, the process of identifying and purchasing a franchise couldn’t have been more pleasurable. I’d recommend FranCoach to anyone looking to purchase a franchise or any franchise looking to add an owner. This was one of, if not the best, business experiences of my career.”

Los Angeles

“The FranCoach process was thorough and analytical, it was not sales-focused. Tim was extremely helpful and professional. A great guide.”


“Tim made the process easy, non-threatening and eased my concerns.”


“I started working with FranCoach as soon as I lost my job of 11 years. FranCoach introduced me to 3 different franchisors in industries that would work well with my experience and skills. I just wasn’t ready to take the leap and they coached me to take all the time I needed. They stressed the importance of a good “fit” that will be positioned for success and will last. I reached back out several months later, asking him to find a match for my son and me to start a business together. FranCoach knew immediately which Franchisor would be a perfect match for our industry, goals and desired culture. FranCoach stayed with us through every step of the process, often explaining terms that we never heard of in disclosure statements and other documents we needed to understand. He served as a coach, experienced advisor, sounding board and liaison. With this help and support, we reached the point where we felt we had done enough due diligence to move forward with confidence and courage to make a sound business decision. We are now happy franchisees of MyHouse Fitness. I recommend FranCoach to others who are seriously exploring whether a franchise is a good fit for them. They are experienced professionals who provides valuable guidance to anyone who is entertaining the idea of becoming a franchisee."

Rob C.
Senior Helpers

“Tim is a fantastic coach!! Honest, engaging and a true talent in matching his clients with the right opportunities.”


“Tim is amazing. When we met I was in a cross road in my career. He really listened and really changed my life. He worked with me and helped me buy my first franchise. He’s smart and fun which made the process very easy. Highly recommend FranCoach.”


“When FranCoach called, they promised that the process would identify an appropriate franchise for my skills and background. After several in-depth discussions, we landed on the perfect franchise for me. With his help, I’m now a proud franchise owner. He continues to be a great resource and, more importantly, we continue to have monthly calls as we have become good friends.”

New Jersey

“FranCoach helped connect me with a great SBA lender, they checked up on me, even after I launched my franchise and well after the checks cleared, just to see how things were going. I recommend him to anyone who is thinking of going into business for themselves but specifically to anyone wanting to start a franchise.”


“FranCoach has been great to work with. They gave me constant support and were always ready to answer all my questions. FranCoach made sure I was well informed and prepared throughout the entire process.”


“The FranCoach process was so easy and seamless. I've never owned a business before, but they were great at connecting me with the right people, and always answered my questions and never made me feel like those questions were silly. I never leave reviews, but I wanted to leave one for FranCoach because it really took me into a career and business where I enjoy getting out of bed every day and I get to make a difference.”


“In anything you do you have to be passionate and I think we touched on this yesterday. I’ve had a lot of jobs that I liked and I liked them a lot and I was good at them and I made a lot of money. I never really had a job outside of my own business that I loved. And I honestly feel like, I’m going to love this business. I’m probably going to work 60-70 hours a week but I am going to love what I do and I think that’s important.”


“What surprised me most about the process was how open and honest all of the organizations were that you introduced me to. I never felt that anyone was necessarily trying to sell me on their business, they were surprisingly pretty open about trying to figure out are YOU right for me and am I right for you which that itself is refreshing. So we are both trying to figure each other out.”