FranCoach works with close to 500 franchises spanning nearly 60 industries. Franchisors rarely require a detailed history in a specific industry, rather they look for the transferrable skills, goals, and values of a future owner as the best indicator of success.

Does it matter what industry your new business is in? Of course it does, but the industry is just a piece of the overall puzzle rather than what drives the search.

Further complicating the search process for those doing so on their own is the fact that franchisors in the same industry can have dramatically different business models and require vastly different roles for their owners. This means, even if you are fairly sure of the industry you want, there is still no way to know which franchisor is a perfect match for what you bring to the table.

Confused yet? This is why working with the franchise experts at FranCoach will help eliminate the clutter and confusion and will allow clients to find the business that is truly their best possible match.

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Does industry matter when finding the best franchise to own?  Of course, it does! 

However, it is not even remotely the most important factor.  Instead, the industry is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle.


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Here is a sample of the industries FranCoach represents: