New Industry. New State. No Problem!


Scott Kogut found himself in the middle of a career transition after years of highly successful leadership at one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The search for the next corporate position was going slower than Scott hoped, so he broadened his horizons a bit and connected with FranCoach.

Admittedly reluctant at first, Scott remained open to at least learning what franchise ownership might entail. The job search continued to underwhelm while the franchise search became more and more intriguing. The FranCoach team guided Scott through vetting three franchise options with one methodically moving to the top of the list.

The more Scott learned about the potential of being his own boss and controlling his lifestyle, the more the job search took a backseat. After attending a virtual Discovery Day with his top option, the choice to own a franchise rather than going back to the corporate world was clear, as was the franchise that was his best fit.

That fit is Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers is the leading franchise in the booming in-home care industry. Senior Helpers offers a full spectrum of services for their clients with a culture of caring and compassion.  Scott is using this transition in his life to relocate from Chicago to St. Petersburg, FL and will be opening his senior care business late summer.

Scott is funding his new business with the help of Fran Fund and their ROBS program. Listen to a recent Podcast with Fran Fund on this amazing funding option.

Congratulations to Scott and Senior Helpers on this fantastic match and join us in wishing Scott the best of luck!

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“You have nothing to lose by having a conversation with FranCoach. Worst-case scenario, you discover you don’t want to touch this with a ten-foot pole. But best case, you figure out, hey this might be something for me and there are some possibilities here.”

Stephen, Arizona

“I remember when I first started exploring the idea of franchises and I found the Franchising 101 Podcast. I just got hooked. There were such good snippets of information and I started eating through them and listening to them all the time.”

Geoff, Pennsylvania

“The conversation we had, just on that first call, when you said, ‘Tell more about Ryan, what flips your switch, what gets you out of bed in the morning’… it was really important to me to know those things upfront.”

Ryan, Alabama

“One of the lessons that I learned very quickly was to focus on what is driving you as an individual. What makes you get up, and what do you want to get up and do every day?”

George, Pennsylvania

“If you have questions, if you want answers, or if you’re not sure if it’s for you – there’s no reason not to reach out to FranCoach.”

Michael, Indiana

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