Father Son Duo Set to Bring Money Pages to Indiana


Many FranCoach clients come from executive-level roles in the corporate world where they have been running a big portion of someone else’s business. Jeff was doing the same thing but instead of the corporate world, Jeff was doing so for cities. In his various roles as City Manager, Jeff was acting as the COO of all aspects of those municipalities, so he clearly had the skill set to run a business of his own rather than a city.

Jeff felt like he was at a point in his life when it was time to have more control over his professional and personal life, so he began the search for the right business opportunity. This led to him connecting with FranCoach.

Jeff and the FranCoach team diligently worked through the Assessment Process and four franchises were presented to Jeff. As happens frequently, one of the franchise options seemed like it did not belong in the mix or as it is referred to by the FranCoach team “the eye roll option”. Jeff held to his promise of keeping an open mind and began vetting all four.

Quickly two of the four were eliminated, but not the “eye roll option”. Jeff also decided to bring his son into the mix as he was about to graduate college. The thought of them working together to build the family business added to the excitement and both Jeff and his son Nate were active participants in the Discovery Process.

Though the two remaining franchises had great potential for the Eder’s, one eventually stood out.

Money Pages is a multi-media marketing agency giving a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry a much-needed fresh approach. Money Pages offers a GQ-inspired; high-end magazine that helps local business leaders maximize their businesses.  In addition to the magazine, Money Pages offers a full suite of advertising and marketing services to their clients making them truly a one-stop-shop.

The Eder’s loved the fact they could start this business just the two of them with virtually no overhead. Jeff had spent his career networking and building great relationships in the community – something vital for a Money Pages owner. And Nate, who is a natural people-person, loved being able to immediately use the knowledge gained from his business degree at the University of Iowa in the new family business.

Jeff and Nate will be attending training in December and launching their first magazine in the suburbs of Indianapolis in the spring of 2022.

Please join us in welcoming a new family business to the Hoosier state and wishing Jeff and Nate the best of luck!

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